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Nihao Global is a unique independent service company where East meets West. Not only are our shareholders and management Eastern and Western, our systems, thinking and operation cross culture and borders are also mixed. We combine the best of both East and West service standards to deliver a seamless service. All of this is to make western companies doing business in China easier for them.

Nihao is intent on providing a professional service of assisting companies entering the Chinese market through the provision of independent interpretation, translation, research, contractors as well as local business knowledge and experience.

The intent of Nihao Global is to provide assistance to enter and work effectively within China’s unique business environment and to provide a basic understanding of the most important aspects of doing business in China. Focussed on a range of market sectors across a broad range of customers, Nihao can provide the personalised and specialised services that your business requires to initiate and maintain traction within the Chinese market place. Whether it is a large project or one off event or smaller requirement, Nihao can always provide assistance.

Nihao is presently represented in 19 major cities throughout China with an extensive network of over 300 bilingual talents with varying degrees of specialty and industry experience that can assist with both business and individual requirements.



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NIHAO GLOBAL specialises in interpretation between English and Chinese. Our people are highly qualified and experienced interpreters and work across 19 of China's major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjin, and Chengdu.



Do you need a document translated from Chinese to English or English to Chinese? Our people are highly qualified and experienced translators who have been pre-screened by Nihao Global staff.



Using our extensive network of professionals, Nihao Global can source up to date and accurate facts, figures, market opportunities and information on competition, across a broad range of topics and industries.