If you are thinking of China in the broadest possible context, we can assist in putting in place the building blocks, right connections and potential partners to assist in the development of your business and strategy. 

Our Consulting team is led by Nigel Blair, Chairman of Nihao Global. Nigel is an Australian who lived and operated business across the China and Asia region for a number of years. He also has extensive experience across a broad range of industry sectors where he has undertaken business operations, capital raising and transactions. At his disposal is the resources of Nihao Global and extensive global industry contacts and partners.

We can offer:

  • To link you to the right contacts in the market including partners, clients, chambers and associations, governments and other valuable contacts
  • To define a market entry strategy combing market intelligence gathering, risk assessment, integrated marketing strategy and implementation, sales strategy and human resources strategy and hiring
  • Comprehensive human resources advisory
  • Chinese Culture Briefing and training