(We mainly offer translation between English and Chinese; for other languages, please inquire separately)


Do you need a document translated into Chinese?

Our team of in-house translators is experienced in the translation of following types of documents, including but not limited to:

  • Marketing materials, such as brochures and PowerPoint presentations
  • Business documents, such as certificates, business cards, websites and emails
  • Media and news, such as industrial reports and press releases
  • IT, such as IT platform instructions and new program descriptions
  • Finance and Economics, such as financial periodicals, banking reports and investment documents
  • Legal documents, including Memoranda of Understanding and various contracts
  • Healthcare and Medical: Training presentations on medical products
  • Engineering and Architecture: operational manuals, handbooks and equipment installation instructions

Our two different levels of translation are as follows:

  • Standard documents require no particular knowledge of a subject or industry. This is applicable to the translation of most letters and emails, for example.
  • Advanced documents are those that require some specialist knowledge of a particular subject in order to translate between Chinese and English. Documents such as contracts and financial reports are categorised as advanced.

We are certified as a professional translation organisation and is approved to translate official and formal documents that are recognized and accepted by various authorities, including translation of identity, education certification, visa documentation, marriage certification, working certification, board papers for WOFE's etc. 

To enquire about the English and Chinese translation services we can offer your organisation, please email us at: