(We mainly offer translation between English and Chinese; for other languages, please inquire separately)

Do you need a document translated into Chinese?

Our staff of qualified translators have experience in:

  • Marketing materials, such as brochures and PowerPoint presentations
  • Business documents, such as certificates, business cards, websites and emails
  • Media and news, such as industrial reports and press releases
  • IT, such as IT platform instructions and new program descriptions
  • Finance and Economics, such as financial periodicals, banking reports and investment documents
  • Legal documents, including Memoranda of Understanding and various contracts
  • Healthcare and Medical: Training presentations on medical products
  • Engineering and Architecture: operational manuals, handbooks and equipment installation instructions

Our two different levels of translation are as follows:

  • Standard documents require no particular knowledge of a subject or industry. This is applicable to the translation of most letters and emails, for example.
  • Advanced documents are those that require some specialist knowledge of a particular subject in order to translate between Chinese and English. Documents such as contracts and financial reports are categorised as advanced..


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