NSW Business Chamber

The NSW Business Chamber is the state's peak business organisation. Independent and not-for-profit, it is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes to maximise their potential.

On a one-to-one basis, the Chamber helps all businesses from small enterprises to large corporations. Its large commercial services division, Australian Business Solutions Group (ABSG), delivers a range of business services to both member and non-member clients throughout Australia, with the operating surplus going back to supporting Chamber initiatives.

The Chamber believes it is important for Australia's business community to succeed, because prosperity creates new jobs, social wealth, and better communities in which to live.

Nihao Global has been commissioned by the NSW Chamber for a variety of translations. The sample below is a promotional description of Coe&Co's Leaning Cow shiraz.



Of course, we like the idea that at first view, it is open to your individual interpretation. However there are several reasons why we named our wine "LEANING COW".

Firstly, when harvest is finished we open the vineyard gates and our cattle are free to graze the vines. We noticed, they make a beeline for the juicy berries that were missed during harvest - they lean in to get their luscious reward (not to mention their healthy dose of Resveratrol). Needless to say, we have very HAPPY COWS. The only downside for our cattle is every night, around 10 pm, a howling Easterly wind kicks in and as a result...everything in the vineyard is on the lean - including posts, vines, cattle, people etc. Ironically this cooling night wind is the secret to our great tasting wine.

Further confirmation that this was the right name for one of our Coe&Co wines was: - for years as we drove into the vineyard, we had noticed a burnt stump leaning against the fence of the vineyard. We would always laugh because the stump resembled (with a little imagination) a black Angus cow, sitting on her backside, leaning casually against the fence with one knee bent - as if she was sipping a glass of wine while enjoying the view! This stump always put a smile on our face - who wouldn't want to be that leaning cow!!

Finally…there has also been the odd occasion when friends (okay -us too) have been known to be on the lean after a few glasses of our wine - I dare say there are a few of you out there who can relate to this version of the "LEANING COW"!!!


To us LEANING COW encompasses all of these things and ultimately represents family, friends and fun times in good company (even if it does sometimes involve a little leaning!)













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