Westpac has a long and proud history as Australia's first and oldest bank. It was established in 1817 as the Bank of New South Wales under a charter of incorporation provided by Governor Lachlan Macquarie. In October 1982 it changed its name to Westpac Banking Corporation following the acquisition of the Commercial Bank of Australia.

Nihao Global has provided extensive Chinese translation services for Westpac, translating both long-form documents as well as operational instructions. The sample below is a technical manual for Westpac.


Technical operational staff: daily monitoring technician and system manager (relevant contact information in this form should be completed);

□ Daily monitoring technician is responsible for the daily operation monitoring, maintenance and support of external systems; and system manager is responsible for the daily upgrade, security, emergency management and coordination for disaster drills of external systems;

□ Private line: private line is required to connect to the China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) and the network bandwidth should meet the CFETS requirements for the client network bandwidth configuration. Organizations should decide whether a private line is needed according to their own needs. Private line for the interface:

□China Telecom □China Unicom; private line number: WAN address: Bandwidth:

Private Line: □ Yes □ No, Backup private line:

□China Telecom □China Unicom; private line number: WAN address: Bandwidth:

Computer Room should meet:

□General specification for computer field GB/T2887-2011, or

□Code for design of electronic information system room GB50174-2008;

□ Necessary technical isolation and protection measures such as firewall are required to achieve physical isolation with the Internet (specific measures should be defined in "operation and maintenance regulations");

□ Effective measures should be taken to ensure system security and a special computer should be allocated for special use (specific measures should be defined in "operation and maintenance regulations");

Operation and maintenance regulations (which should be submitted to CFETS along with the form) for external systems and interfaces shall include, but are not limited to the following requirements:


□ 其中日常技术监控人员负责外联系统日常运行监控、维护和支持等;系统管理人员负责外联系统日常升级、安全防范、应急处置和配合灾备演练等。;


□ 专线:须通过专线方式连接到交易中心,网络带宽应当符合交易中心关于客户端网络带宽配置的要求,机构可根据自身需要决定是否配备份专线。该接口使用的专线:







□计算机场地通用规范GB/T2887-2011 或


□ 采取防火墙等必要的技术隔离保护措施实现与互联网的物理隔离(机构须在"运行维护操作规程"中明确具体采取的措施);


□ 采取应采用有效措施防范确保系统安全,专机专用(机构须在"运行维护操作规程"中明确具体采取的措施);

□ 具备外联系统及接口的运行维护操作规程(机构在提交初审表时需向交易中心提交运行维护操作规程),操作规程须包括但不限于以下要求:



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