Does arranging an itinerary in China give you a headache? Let us take care of this.

China has a number of operating practices related to travel that seem idiosyncratic through Western eyes. A passport seems to be needed at all times, even for a museum ticket! China’s system is generally set up for its own citizens rather than international visitors, so the process is more complicated and time consuming for foreigners.

We can help with all your itinerary arrangements, from the minute you arrive on the ground in China. Domestic flights, fast train tickets, hotels, private car/driver and tourist sites tickets - for all of these, we can make the necessary prior arrangements. We like to provide our clients with a full itinerary clearly outlining each step and we also serve as an emergency contact if you have a problem.

Nihao’s travel assistance will ensure you have a smooth and pleasant stay in China.

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Standard level / Personal assistant: Able to handle daily conversations but not-in-depth business conversations, meeting coordination, note taking, navigation around cities and assisting other general work requirements of clients; holds accredited certificates of Language Level/interpretation

Fee: Standard level interpreter US$220 per eight-hour day or US$140 per half day (minimum 4 hours). If you require more specialised interpreters please talk with your service personnelat NIHAO directly.