Since its formation, Nihao has been assisting clients with their procurement needs from China. From baby products to agriculture chemicals, we have your procurement covered. 

We have the resources on the ground to Identify, Verify, Negotiate and Check.

Identify: After a client approach, identify the likely suppliers of the product through our extensive relationships.

Verify: Site visit, meetings with managers, initial factory assessment, initial background checks, and legal & government checks.

Negotiate: Discuss contracts and terms, agree on purchasing parameters.

Check: Independent product inspection, prior to acceptance of goods and loading inspection at acceptance.

Logistics & Shipping: 

A key issue right now is the logistics and shipping of goods, we have this covered through our logistics partners, utilizing our key logistics partners we can lift and shift goods anywhere in the world.

Banking & Payment: 

For approved parties and depending on the size of the transaction, we operate various methods of payment, either directly to us, held under escrow in Hong Kong or the USA, or by  SBLC or LC. 

Medical & Health Division

For all Medical & Health products, we have a separate division the Medical Products HUB, details of which can be found at